Textile products with Ukrainian embroidery

We were one of the first on the Ukrainian market to create a large collection of towels and present it in our online store. We embroidered each towel ourselves on our machines.

Ukrainian embroidered Rushnyks/Towels

We were one of the first on the Ukrainian market who created a large collection of towels and presented it in our online store. We make an embroidery on each towel ourselves with our own equipment.

Ukrainian embroidered wedding towels, linen 100%, top quality

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Embroidered linen rusnyks, top quality embroidery, buy Kyiv, Ukraine, worldwide shipping

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Easter decoration, easter basket covers embroidered. Worldwide shipping

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Embroidered Ukrainian linen Rushnyks/towels

Today, embroidered shirts and blouses vyshyvanka can be seen on streets of many cities around the world, and we are proud that some of them were purchased in our online store. You can buy an embroidered shirt as a gift to your loved one ore
Ukrainian embroidered blouse, vyshyvanka
Vyshyvanka dress

Everything for baptism

According to Orthodox canons, the sacrament of anointing is not just a beautiful tradition, but one of the most significant days for a baby. According to the teaching, a child trusts God and gets blesses on this significant day.

Christening blankets, natural fabrics, top quality embroidery, worldwide shipping.

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Home textiles

Textiles for comfort of your home. Decorative pillows with embroidery, embroidered tablecloths, and runners, and napkins. This section is for those who are looking for a gift for their home or a home of their loved ones.
Embroidered linen tablecloths, tablerunners and napkins for home
Decorative pillows

Gifts with embroidery

Gifts with embroidery for your loved ones. We offer terry robes, decorative pillows, textiles for a home with personalized embroidery. We use a high-quality natural fabrics for making our goods with impeccable embroidery. To give such gifts is a great pleasure.

Tote bag embroidered in ukrainian style,

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The use of embroidered ukrainian rushnyk.
Meaning Traditional Patterns in Ukrainian Embroidery
What are the traditions of a baby baptism
Ukrainian rushnyk, regional features
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About the store

Welcome to our site!

Let us tell you a little about our history.

We cannot name ourselves a “young brand”. Our company has been operating since 2003. We provide machine embroidery services for advertising agencies, for designers. We cooperate with large factories for tailoring clothes, shoes, and advertising agencies. Over a long period of time, we have mastered all the techniques of embroidery. We mastered cross-stitch, satin stitch, 3D embroidery, chevrons, embroidery on any fabric. Do you know what is the most difficult thing to embroider?  Thin tiny letters! We are professionals in embroidery and will cope with complex tasks and huge volumes. We used to be approached by friends and acquaintances with a request for a name embroidery for a gift, embroidered ornament for a shirt, for a towel. So, an idea came up to make a small collection of wedding towels (we call them “rushnyk”), embroidered shirts (“vyshyvanka”) ready for sale. After all, embroidering " only one little piece" for an industrial enterprise is a very costly thing. So, while having a lower loading of equipment we made a collection of rushnyks. Yes, it all started with rushnyks. And then holesale customers showed up. The first wholesale batch of rushnyks was on gabardine, a synthetic material. We realized that for wholesale retailers cheaper expenses were a better solution because of price is the priority for them. Therefore, to decrease the embroidery price we cuted on a quantity of an embroidery stitches. The cost of the embroidery service is calculated based on the number of stitches in the embroidery. So, more stitches, larger an embroidery area, so an embroidery is more expensive. Honestly, we made those order as it was requested but we did not like our work. And we decided to open our own online store in which we will offer works on linen, without cutting the quantity of embroidery stitches and will make work with the best threads. And we did open our online store. In our shop a customer pays for the best embroidery and the best materials. Also, we have a shop on Etsy, the international marketplace. Our products have been sold there for more than 5 years and product reviews from buyers speak more about us. During the war, our production is loaded on 90 percent with chevron embroidery for our military. But 10 percent of the company tells the world about Ukraine with our embroidery. After all, Ukraine is about peace, beauty, love and life. And now we are a nation of strong and brave people. We are proud to be a Ukrainian production company and to work among those who stayed in the country and continue their work.