Embroidered Tablecloth in ukrainian style

A tablecloth in a modern interior is often not a mandatory decorative element. This is more of a rarity than a rule. We believe that it is very undeserved, as a properly selected tablecloth will radically change the style of the kitchen, dining room or living room, adding charm and comfort to the room. The importance of this subject is clearly underestimated. This is a way to change the environment quickly, for example, create a festive new year's interior or the atmosphere of a romantic candlelit dinner.

Only curtains can compete in attracting attention. However, there are usually one or two curtains, and you can have several tablecloths for different purposes: everyday, festive or themed. For a tea party, for example, you can lay only a dining path on the table. 

The rules of serving involve the use of such an element as naperon. This is a small tablecloth with a width of 45-50 cm and a length along the length of the table, which is laid on top of the tablecloth and shall be replaced after each meal, while a tablecloth can serve for several days. Multi-layer design looks very luxurious and elegant. And if you supplement the set with napkins, the guests will notice how carefully you prepared for their arrival.

Dining paths are a simplified version of the naperon. The option is very convenient to use, as it spreads in the middle of the table without using a tablecloth. The dining paths first appeared in the East and now are very popular over here. Long paths are laid along the table, and short ones across shall be put one for two guests. 

The colour scheme involves a large number of options; it can be a plain white tablecloth, a tablecloth with a colour print and square-ruled or stripe shape, or a tablecloth with embroidery.

As for Ukrainian traditions, our people have accumulated a large layer of national ornaments, which have been used in everyday life for centuries, including on tablecloths and clothing. 

Festive elegant tablecloths shall be sewn from natural fabrics: cotton and linen and decorated with embroidery of national ornaments (floral or geometric patterns). It is worth considering that the use of bright contrasting threads involves monophonic dishes, preferably white. 

Ukrainian embroidery is popular far beyond the borders of Ukraine, which is why tablecloths with embroidery adorn interiors all over the world and not only in the homes of our diaspora. It is very original to use an embroidered tablecloth or set as a Ukrainian souvenir and give it to friends from other countries. In general, this is a great gift idea in the Ukrainian style, as it does not require fitting, as, for example, embroidery shirt. 

Glazdov online store has a large selection of elegant tablecloths with embroidery, sets with napkins, and dining paths with embroidery made with a cross or damask stitch. All products are of high quality, made of natural fabrics and embroidered with German threads, which implies long-term operation in the excellent condition. Our managers will be happy to choose an embroidered tablecloth for your interior or as a gift (a Ukrainian souvenir).