Wedding Wedding


ESTHER Embroidered Wedding Veil

Luxurious snow-white veil size: 140cm * 140cm. White embroidery on the veil is completed with hand embroidered beads and sequins. Enlarge the photo and you will see glistering embroidery.


FIESTA Elegant and Tender Wedding Veil

This beautiful tender veil can matches any outfit. Size: 140cm * 140cm. Snow-white fatin.


LABELLA Embroidered Wedding Veil

White veil size: 140cm * 180cm. Exquisite white edge embroidery will emphasize irresistible bride.


LADY Embroidered Wedding Veil

Veil size: 140cm * 260 cm. Depending on your imagination, this veil can be fixed in such a way that the veil overflows onto the floor, enveloping the bride with a tender cloud emphasizing her fragi


PRIMULA Embroidered Wedding Veil

White veil size: 140cm * 180cm. Edge embroidery is very delicate and airy.


Ring Pillow No. 4

Wedding ring pillow with a story of eternal love.


Ring Pillow No.1

Ring pillow in soft pastel colors.


Ring Pillow No.10

Ring pillow with golden embroidery.


Ring Pillow No.2

Ring pillow with fairy tale images.


Ring Pillow No.3

Wedding ring pillow in sunny and white color with a gentle romantic image.


Ring Pillow No.5

Wedding ring pillow with a modern love story.


Ring Pillow No.6

White ring pillow with bright passionate red color. Decorated with a delicate lace.


Ring Pillow No.7

Ukrainian cross-stitch embroidery wedding ring pillow. It can add the ceremony, especially, if it is a traditional Ukrainian wedding.


Ring Pillow No.8

This wedding ring pillow is also about a story of eternal love.


Ring Pillow No.9

Ring pillow with a silver embroidery.


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