Ukrainian Embroidered Boys` Shirt - Vyshyvanka

Vyshyvanka for the boy

Today, vyshyvanka has become very popular in Ukraine, and not only among adults, children also as the wardrobe item. Gradually they cease to be just beautiful clothes, because Ukrainians recall the original meaning of embroidered shirts. For a long time they were considered an amulet, a connection with the family, and up to what is now called maps of desire visualization. But instead of paper there was cloth, and the pattern was a symbol of a wonderful future.

Boys in national clothes look very cute and stylish. Immediately you imagine the future Cossack, who loves the country and is ready to protect family and friends. The boys are granted on some significant holidays - baptism, birthday, enrollment to the first grade, the successful graduation.

Previously, the first shirt a child received with the onset of the triennium. The color of the ornament, the ornament itself-everything had its own meaning, its sense. The pattern represented the wishes of happiness, goodness, longevity, family ties. Today there are a lot of variants for children's embroideries, the shirt does not have to be sewn manually. You can buy it in the online store, choosing by taste.

In the wardrobe there can be simple shirts with a modest pattern or luxurious wares, immediately attracting attention, so appears the respect for the work done to create this.

You can buy embroideries for a boy in our online store. We offer a rich assortment, affordable prices and an individual approach to each order!


How to make the right choice?

Before ordering a shirt for your child, or for a gift, pay attention to the meaning of the patterns. In each work we invested many efforts, thoughts, oriented on a specific goal. This energy will certainly be transferred to the owner together with your best wishes.

• Geometric symbols - simple and logical, are signs of blessing embroidery. It will protect you from the evil eye, ill-wishers, will help you to make the right decision in case of a difficult situation;

• floral ornament - means prosperity of the family. Such an embroidery can be handed over as a symbol of his heredity. Masculine power represent oak leaves, acorns – power. Oak itself multiplies these characteristics. Cones symbolizes commitment. Hops were depicted on the clothes of young idle guys, praising their youth, vital energy;

• Animals and insects - butterflies personify guardian angels, horses - aspiration;

• the sun, fire - the symbols of a real man, his inner strength, willingness to lighten the path of his family.

Green color of the strands is perfect for children's embroideries, it symbolizes a new beginning and youth. Blue was always considered to be the right color for boys. And the combination of blue and green serves as a reliable protection against natural elements.

The catalog presents a variety of traditional  and modern embroideries . Their resurgent popularity woke up the leading designers to create trend image. This means that the child in vyshyvanka will look not just beautiful and patriotic, but also fashionable.

In the production of vyshivanok natural linen or cotton fabric is used. The skin can breathe, no allergic reactions and unpleasant sensations, the material doesn’t hamper the movement. Therefore, children's embroidered shirts are spare, they are comfortable to play and run in. In the summer it won’t be too hot.

Ordering from us, you get high quality, attractive value and fast delivery. We will take into account the individual wishes. Experienced managers will help you make the right choice!

Boys` Vyshyvanka No. 32-05

100% cotton shirt with green distinctive cross-stitch embroidery. Sizes: height: 98-104,110-116, 122-128,134-140,146, 152.


Boys` Vyshyvanka No. 32-10

100% cotton shirt with traditional cross-stitch embroidery. Sizes: height: 98-104, 110-116, 122-128, 134-140, 146, 152.  


Boys` Vyshyvanka No. 32-11

Embroidered 100% cotton shirt. Cross-stitch embroidery. Sizes: height: 98-104, 110-116, 122-128, 134-140, 146, 152.


Boys` Vyshyvanka No. 32-13

100% cotton shirt with a bright cross-stitch embroidery. Sizes: height: 98-104, 110-116, 122-128, 134-140, 146, 152.


Boys` Vyshyvanka No. 32-16

100% cotton shirt embroidered in soft tones. Cross-stitch embroidery. Sizes: height: 98-104, 110-116, 122-128, 134-140, 146, 152.


Boys` Vyshyvanka No. 32-17

100% cotton embroidered shirt with a rich pattern in traditional colors. Cross-stitch embroidery. Sizes: height: 98-104, 110-116, 122-128, 134-140, 146, 152.


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