Wedding Towels, ukrainian traditions

The towel serves as a symbol of our people, embodying the connection of Ukrainians with previous generations. Embroidery on any Ukrainian towel is an encrypted story about people's life, nature and connection with their ancestors. Therefore, an embroidered towel has always been a guarantee of comfort, joy and well-being. The towel has always symbolized hospitality. It is an important element of meeting guests and saying goodbye to them. The embroidered towel was always present at weddings, baptisms, matchmaking, as well as other important events in the life of any family. The security was the main function of the embroidered towel. The towel has also always served as an important interior element: it was hung in the corners of houses, on doors and windows.

The use of embroidered towel. Ukrainians traditionally used an embroidered towel for various festive events. The most popular types of towels are the following. - Baby towel. When a child is born in the family, the baby is given a special towel with a lot of amulet ornaments embroidered. They protect the life and the health of the baby and the mother from evil forces.

Christening towel. Since the rite of baptism has always been the most important event in the life of any religious family, the christening embroidered towel has always been an important component of this rite. It should be embroidered by the godmother using only light colours and bright paints, which should provide the baby with a bright future. If the godmother does not know the art of embroidery, then this is no longer a problem. Here you can always buy an embroidered towel for every taste.

- Wedding towel. From time immemorial, matchmaking and weddings were the most important rituals, and the embroidered towels were the main attributes of the fact that a girl agreed to get married. As a rule, lilies, viburnum, and oak leaves were embroidered on these towels. In this case, the towels were tied up by matchmakers and the bread was presented on them. After that, the headman tied the hands of the bride and groom with a towel. This has long been an official wedding. Many of our customers have already ordered a wedding towel from us, which is a talisman and guardian of family happiness and well-being.


- So-called "visit" towels. They are usually hung in the upper room. Both sides of this towel should have perfect embroidery and shall be elegant and festive.

- Bread Wrap. This is the name of a bread towel, as it has long been considered a sin if you put bread on a table that is not covered with a towel.

- God-Towel - towel for icons. This type of towel has always been considered the most important in any home. This towel decorates icons placed in the corner of the room. God-towels are long canvases that are decorated with embroidery at the corners and along one side. This embroidered towel shall necessarily have the following initial letters: Jesus Christ - J. C. or Theotokos Mother - T. M.

If you want to buy an embroidered towel for any special event, you can always do it with us. Traditionally, the cross-stitch and the damask stitch look best on all types of towels. An embroidered towel always looks aesthetically pleasing and is an excellent amulet for the whole family, which should be passed down from generation to generation.

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